The Evolution of Subzero Projects – 27 Years of Excellence in Cold Room Construction

For over 27 years, Subzero Projects has been at the forefront of Queensland’s cold room and commercial refrigeration industry. What started as a family-owned venture has evolved into a trusted name, setting new standards and continuously adapting to industry trends.

Inception and Growth

Subzero Projects, formerly known as Subzero Coldrooms, embarked on its journey in the heart of Brisbane. The initial focus was clear – to provide top-notch cold room construction. The commitment to quality and client satisfaction quickly gained traction, leading to steady growth and an expanding client base.

Adaptation and Innovation

In an ever-evolving industry, Subzero Projects embraced change and innovation. The company’s transition from Subzero Coldrooms to Subzero Projects was more than a rebrand; it was a reflection of the company’s evolution and commitment to offering a broader range of services. From customised cold rooms to cutting-edge refrigeration solutions, Subzero Projects became synonymous with adaptability and innovation.

QBCC Licenced and Trust

One key milestone in Subzero Projects’ journey was moving into refrigeration, supply and installation and achieving Arctick accreditation.  Subzero is committed to setting industry standards and providing quality service. Clients across Brisbane and the surrounding areas trust Subzero Projects for their cold room construction and commercial refrigeration needs, knowing they are in the hands of Arctick-accredited and QBCC licenced professionals.

Beyond Brisbane – Regional Coverage

The growth of Subzero Projects didn’t stop at Brisbane’s city limits. The company’s commitment to excellence and 24/7 emergency breakdown service extends from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. This regional coverage ensures that businesses across the entire spectrum benefit from Subzero Projects’ expertise.

As Subzero Projects celebrates 27 years of excellence, the journey is far from over. The commitment to setting new standards, adapting to industry changes, and providing unmatched service remains as strong as ever. Here’s to the next chapter of success and innovation in cold room construction and commercial refrigeration.