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5 Epic Mistakes to Avoid With Your Cold Room

Whether you are just at the planning stage of designing your commercial kitchen, or you already have a coldroom filled with stock, the following tips will serve you well, if not right now, but in the future. Do your research – A reputable cold room builder will be able to provide you with examples of […]

Subzero Projects Service Plan

Don’t break a sweat this summer…. Earlier in the month we saw soaring temperatures in South East Queensland, as a ‘taste of what’s to come’ this spring. Brisbane city’s average temperature for this time of year is usually about 25°C, but we are seeing some un-seasonally hot days & already receiving calls for break downs, […]

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Costs (Part 3)

Last week I gave some “cold” tips to save you more money on your refrigeration running costs and I briefly touched on PVC strip curtains. This week, I will be giving you a heads up on a special deal Subzero Projects will be running in June regarding strip curtains, so you can maximize savings on […]

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Costs (Part 2)

If you are operating a food outlet or café selling fresh food & drinks, then the chances are that a large amount of your electricity costs are likely to come from your refrigeration equipment. In fact, in 2012, Australians spent nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy bills.* By taking the following steps, you may be […]

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Costs (Part 1)

Last week I posted about the Do’s & Don’ts of planning a coldroom to avoid costly mistakes. For the next three weeks I will be delving into where you can now save money once you have had your coldroom or freezer installed. Please enter your email address below if you wish to subscribe to our […]


Here’s a handy list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to design and construct of your new cold room. Call us on 07 3245 5777 to speak to one of our friendly sales staff who can guide you through this process.