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Refrigeration requires expert engineering, this is why we tailor our service to you and your needs, listening and working with you to build the coldroom & Refrigeration Service & Maintenance to meets your needs.

At Subzero Projects we specialise in offering the best Commercial Refrigeration Services for you and your business. With close to 3 decades worth of experience in all sectors such as Fast Food Retail, Petroleum, Education, Supermarkets, Health and Aged Care, Sporting Clubs and Gaming, Food Processing and Defence you can be assured you are receiving products and service of the highest quality.  Subzero Projects is dedicated to tailoring our design, manufacturing and install processes to you and your needs, striving for excellence in all we do. We are committed to, and value our service, reputation and success ensuring we build strong relationships within our team and also with our customers and suppliers.

Subzero Projects also offers 24/7 breakdown service. We understand that in the event something does go wrong with any of your refrigeration equipment this can be a very challenging and stressful time, placing great strain on your business. However, you can place a call with us at any time – day or night – and a skilled and qualified technician will be at your service to fix the problem with you fridge or freezer efficiently and effectively. Additionally, to further customer satisfaction we also provide service plans to all new and existing customers, promoting performance, durability and longevity. These flexible plans involve a visit from one of our friendly technicians to service all your refrigeration equipment, aiming to enhance performance and protect any existing warranty. Service Plans are also a great way to minimise any potential issues or breakdown that may arise in the future, while maintaining the quality and condition of your refrigeration equipment. If you would like a quote for new equipment, be provided with a service plan or any have any enquires regarding our refrigeration services, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 07 3245 5777.

Embracing Change

The Catalyst for Workplace Transformation When change is mentioned, the natural reaction from people, initially, is to retreat into their shell.  Fear of change has usually stemmed from a fear of failure, by stepping out of your comfort zone.  There is always some form of risk with change, and the likelihood of failure is possible.  […]

Commercial Refrigeration Servicing

Whilst our construction arm of the business continues to remain very busy, our service department is also experiencing high demands as we move through the peak of summer. The long drawn out hot and humid days are a timely reminder to have your refrigeration equipment serviced regularly, (and ideally before the hot weather hits). Not […]

5 Epic Mistakes to Avoid With Your Cold Room

Whether you are just at the planning stage of designing your commercial kitchen, or you already have a coldroom filled with stock, the following tips will serve you well, if not right now, but in the future. Do your research – A reputable cold room builder will be able to provide you with examples of […]

Subzero Projects Service Plan

Don’t break a sweat this summer…. Earlier in the month we saw soaring temperatures in South East Queensland, as a ‘taste of what’s to come’ this spring. Brisbane city’s average temperature for this time of year is usually about 25°C, but we are seeing some un-seasonally hot days & already receiving calls for break downs, […]

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Costs (Part 3)

Last week I gave some “cold” tips to save you more money on your refrigeration running costs and I briefly touched on PVC strip curtains. This week, I will be giving you a heads up on a special deal Subzero Projects will be running in June regarding strip curtains, so you can maximize savings on […]

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Costs (Part 2)

If you are operating a food outlet or café selling fresh food & drinks, then the chances are that a large amount of your electricity costs are likely to come from your refrigeration equipment. In fact, in 2012, Australians spent nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy bills.* By taking the following steps, you may be […]