Subzero Projects: Setting the Standard in Refrigeration and Coldroom Installation Excellence

We had the pleasure of working with a new builder in Queensland “West to West”.
Originating from Western Australia and established in 2012, they were very professional, efficient, and excellent to work with onsite and off. They have a great team, and we share many cultural values, prioritising the delivery of projects on time without compromising quality.
Subzero delivered our specialty, a dual-temperature room, freezer, and cold room with a bank of 13 doors. Overall size: 10750mm x 2750mm x 3300mm(H).
Subzero had to problem solve an issue with the refrigeration plant location and collaborated with Sigrest Design to work on an exhaust duct design to allow the heat and ventilation from the condenser units to exhaust outside the tenancy, this to prevent adding heat load to the mechanical service design already in place. A speed controlled Inline Centrifugal Fan was installed to enable the quick extraction of air to outside.
We provided clear design drawings to the client for their input and discussions, ensuring transparency throughout.
A big thanks to our dedicated subcontractors and suppliers, including #Gannon Fabrications, #SolaceElectrical, #VellaConcretingConcepts, #SigrestDesign, and #Beijerref. Their consistency in delivering quality products and workmanship is crucial to our project success.
Our brand is trusted and recognised as an industry leader, in our niche of refrigeration and cold room installation.
This is our second fit out for a Market Organics store, and we look forward to many more…