Commercial Refrigeration Servicing

Whilst our construction arm of the business continues to remain very busy, our service department is also experiencing high demands as we move through the peak of summer. The long drawn out hot and humid days are a timely reminder to have your refrigeration equipment serviced regularly, (and ideally before the hot weather hits).

Not only can routine maintenance reduce wear and tear on your commercial refrigeration equipment, it can also reduce costly energy bills by allowing the system to run more effectively.

A dirty blocked up condenser coil needs to work harder, requires more power, performs less effectively, and is progressively at risk of failure if refrigeration equipment isn’t frequently serviced and cleaned.

A regularly cleaned unit and evaporator will ensure your system is running as best as it can be when it comes to the brutal hot, humid days we experience here in Queensland.

The old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” can really be a costly mistake when it comes to the state of your refrigeration units on your roof. Exposed to the open elements, sadly, refrigeration equipment is often forgotten until you notice stock defrosting and controllers high temp alarming.

This could all be avoided with a regular routing maintenance program that Subzero can provide on a quarterly, 6 monthly or annually (customised to suit your needs, such as level of use & condenser location).

Contact our friendly service department for a quote on a routine service today: 07 3245 5777.