Embracing Change

The Catalyst for Workplace Transformation

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

– John C. Maxwell

When change is mentioned, the natural reaction from people, initially, is to retreat into their shell.  Fear of change has usually stemmed from a fear of failure, by stepping out of your comfort zone.  There is always some form of risk with change, and the likelihood of failure is possible.  However, it is what you do with the mistakes, failures & errors that creates strength, builds trust & relationships which ultimately ends in success overall.

The first two quarters of 2023 have marked the beginning of a new chapter for Subzero.  We have recently brought on three new additions to our office & on-site teams who are already adding value to Subzero & strengthening our brand. 

Grace has joined as our Project Administrator and is thoroughly committed to assisting our Project Team, with all the behind the scenes work to achieve an efficient supply & install process for our customers, from start to finish. 

Isaac, our Contracts Administrator & Estimator, who has made a great contribution already, he has come with experience in the construction industry in various roles.  He is improving our quote turnaround time, and has been successful in being awarded some quality new projects. 

Turk has been a great new addition to our Construction team, organising our workshop, prepping jobs for site & building Coldroom & Freezer doors.  He comes to Subzero with 40+ years’ experience and on-boarding Turk has enabled our installers to speed up our installation time on site. 

Having three new additions across three different departments meant there has been a great deal of change at Subzero.  New staff usually translates to daunting on-boarding, learning new processes, training, new personalities & styles to adapt to.  However, Grace, Isaac & Turk have settled into the team nicely, with minimal downtime and brought with them a broad range of knowledge & experience to their roles which has made this transition seamless. 

Change encourages innovation, new ways of thinking, and creates growth.  Subzero is already feeling the positive effects of change with our new team, and we are excited to see what the remainder of 2023 holds. 

I will leave you with this final quote, have a great week!

“The secret of change is to focus all of energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Socrates