Subzero’s Latest Project: Coldroom Installation for Foresite Construction @ Stockyard Beef 

Subzero Projects recently completed a coldroom and refrigeration project for Foresite Constructions. The project was for Stockyard Beef, in one of their premises at Brisbane Airport. Stockyard, are a renowned provider of premium beef products.

Stockyard Beef is dedicated to delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service, consistently exceeding customer expectations. They specialise in producing grain-fed beef, particularly in the Angus and Wagyu categories, known for their high quality.

We installed one large coldroom with dimensions 9.5 x 8.3 x 3metres high overall. The room was constructed using 100mm XFLAM panels, ensuring optimal insulation and temperature control.

To keep the coldroom running at an optimal +2 degrees, Subzero installed a Patton Pak condensing unit along with two matching evaporators. This system engineered to suit the specific requirements of storing premium beef prior to export.

Subzero provided detailed drawings for the client to review prior to finalising the fitout.

Foresite were fantastic builders to work with prior and during the project, with excellent communication, a well-run, organised site, making life easier for us, the sub-contractor. We look forward to working with Foresite Construction again in the near future.

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