Subzero Celebrates 20 Years in Business!!

When I was asked to write a blog by our Katy, in marketing, I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in reading it or even what to write, but anyone who knows me knows I am never short on words, so here goes…

This month of August marks 20 years since Subzero Projects (formerly Subzero Coldrooms) commenced business.

My husband, Brett Sherrin and I started Subzero in 1996, from a home office, where from the beginning it was just himself, an offsider and a ute, travelling the length of the east coast and at times into PNG and the Northern Territory, working away for weeks and months at a time, where ever the work took him.

This grew Subzero to a team of guys, and a preferred contractor to some of the large Insulated Panel Manufacturers, gaining a reputation along the way for reliability, quality workmanship and cost effective installations.  Managing and completing some large commercial projects and around this time predominately supermarkets throughout Queensland. 

Reflecting on the company’s 20 years, the core business of coldrooms has expanded into projects with our vast knowledge and experience of insulated panel.  Building partition walls for various Bunnings sites, offices and work spaces for a Graphic’s company, massive storage rooms for a Logistic company, and a Seafood processing facility, to name a few types of projects we have built recently, in addition to numerous cold and freezer rooms.

Being prepared to make changes and adapt through tough times, such as the GFC has led to a strong business in, what is at times, a brutal industry.  We have remained focused on the business, and the plan to provide integrity, and exceptional service to our clients who in turn refer and return with further projects.

Subzero has forged trusting mutual relationships with suppliers and subcontractors who offer not only quality products, but efficient reliable service and are always willing to assist us and go that extra to meet our expectations.  These relationships are a vital component of a successful business, we recognise and value them immensely.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped us along this journey of business, through the ups and downs, especially our Subzero team who without them the growth and success would not have been realised.  

With focus and determination, along with the belief that anything is achievable, the forecast is extremely positive for Subzero Projects.