How to Save Money on Your Commercial Refrigeration Running Costs (Part 1)

Last week I posted about the Do’s & Don’ts of planning a coldroom to avoid costly mistakes. For the next three weeks I will be delving into where you can now save money once you have had your coldroom or freezer installed. Please enter your email address below if you wish to subscribe to our mailing list.


The importance of maintenance

You wouldn’t run a car without getting it serviced would you?

So why should a coldroom or freezer be any different? A coldroom runs approximately 16 hours a day – 365 days a year and at times holds large amounts of stock (which if lost could be an expense to replace, in addition to business down time).

Routine preventative maintenance goes a long way to looking after your asset, avoiding expensive break downs and can also result in savings due to reducing power consumption.

It is good practice to have your equipment regularly serviced and maintained by a professional technician who knows what the potential problems look like.

Why YOU need a Service Plan!

  • A Service Plan will maximise the longevity of your equipment giving you peace of mind in your investment and also minimise running costs.
  • Regular servicing will reduce the risk of equipment failure which can lead to stock loss or damage, disrupting your business.
  • It will draw your attention to issues that may not comply with Warranty Terms & Health & Safety regulations.

Subzero Projects offer Service Plan for Walk in Coldrooms, Walk in Freezers, Cold Storage Units & Commercial Fridges & Freezers.

Our Service Plans can be customised to suit your particular site requirements and includes a detailed report after each service.

Our Service Plan customers have their equipment details recorded in our database and we maintain a product maintenance record which can be used to gauge running costs of old equipment v upgrading equipment as well as keeping a schedule of when your next service is due.

Once your next service draws close we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to carry out the maintenance so you won’t ever have to remember to book it again – let us look after that for you.

Contact our Service Team to set up your Service Plan or for advice on your service requirements at or phone 07 3245 5777.

Enjoy the benefits of our 12 month Service Plan and experience top performance from your equipment….