Insulted Panel Partition Walls & Roller Door

Yesterday we completed a job for Flash Graphics. This involved the supply and installation of two partition walls and a rapid roll door for their studios. One of the partition walls were installed to separate the loading zone from the production office, and the other was a ‘Z’ shaped wall for front of house. The roller door was for the customer’s loading dock.

This job was completed over 10 days in total and our client is happy with the end result. There were some changes requested while we were on site and our team worked well to accommodate them.  We created a pivot wall instead of a fixed wall, so whenever equipment needs to be moved the wall can be moved out of the way then placed back as required.

There were a number of hydraulic close doors for access to various areas of the studio that we installed for Flash Graphics, and Coldshield assisted us with the installation of the rapid roll door.

We’re very impressed with the interior of Flash’s studio and also with the work they’ve done, displayed on their Facebook page. Definitely worth checking out!